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AFL Expanding Not Such A Good Idea

April 11th 2008 07:31
The AFL is expanding the game to have 18 teams instead of 16, while this sounds like a great thing for the game, if you delve further into it you will find that it may not be such a good idea.

The AFL is going to have 2 more teams, one at the Gold Coast and one in Western Sydney. The Gold Coast team may be beneficial. They are more than likely going to have Michael Voss as the coach, an absolute icon the game and this will create great publicity for the Gold Coast team, and will gain support straight away. They may get the best recruiting team there and have a very good chairman in the waiting. They will try hard to get the Geelong CEO and possibly the best CEO in the AFL, that being Brian Cook. The Gold Coast will get every chance to have a strong team and as there are many Melbournians up there, this will be a place worthy of spot.

West Sydney on the other hand will find it a lot tougher. If Sydney are going well their supporters come out to watch them but if they aren’t performing on the field their supporters don’t come out as much and attract some pretty poor crowds. There doesn’t seem to be the amount of support in Sydney for 2 teams to run up there. For West Sydney to work they will have to get the most colourful of players to play for them, much the same as what Capper was when the bloods moved up there.

When Sydney started, they went through much hardship at the start and it is more than likely that the West Sydney side will be very much the same.

Tasmania is a perfect spot for an eighteenth team; they already have a ground and facilities as well as the support. If Tassie get a team they will turn up every week no doubt. Even a team in Darwin wouldn’t go astray in promoting the game. They already have many players playing in the AFL and they love their footy up there.

If the AFL expands to 18 clubs that will surely dilute the talent and the standards of the game will go down as there will be less quality players playing that wouldn’t normally get a game at AFL level.

West Sydney will definitely struggle to hold a team up there so the AFL should promote the game in areas that are assured of making it a success if they are going to introduce 18 teams but the talent will go downhill and the game will become in jeopardy. There’s an old saying; If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

The game in trouble

April 7th 2008 10:34
In the modern game, there is no such play as defence, there are no defenders, and in fact the position “defender” should be replaced with “follower”. This is all due to the committee that change every rule that made our game the greatest game in the world, into a non contact, basketball style game.

The AFL has changed every defensive rule. You cannot touch a player in the back, accidently fall over there back when the attacking player has the ball and drops to the ground. Not only can you not chop the forwards’ arm in a marking contest but also you can’t hold them off with your hands or pretty much touch them at all and there will be “technically” a free kick. The umpires don’t know how to umpire these rules and therefore the standard and the consistency of umpiring has become a farcical in our game.

Sure no one wanted to go and watch players king hitting players from behind when they were going for a mark, but surely the rules committee has gone too far. They have taken the great tussle out of the game that made people go to the footy. People would go to the grounds to see the big centre half forwards and centre half backs have an almighty battle all day. That’s why our game was so mighty back in the 80’s and 90’s, when fans would go to see the likes of Carey on Silvagni and Micky Martin on Gary Ablett. The rules have prevented us from seeing those duals because the defender can’t touch the forward any more. Hopefully sooner or later the rules committee will change these laws back.

The AFL is becoming more like basketball, which is a blight on the game. We have a circle for a “jump”, in older times it was known as a ruck battle, we now have more and more less contact like basketball, we now have a 30 second rule for forwards to have a shot, much like that of basketball. Where is this game going?

The AFL tells us that the game is becoming bigger; membership records are higher than ever, highest attendance at matches, the list goes on. Well this is because there are less and less playing in the country leagues, resulting in less people going to the country footy so they decide to buy a membership and attend the AFL 3 or 4 times a year. The AFL must consolidate the game and fix up the problems it has already before it decides to expand, especially to a place like West Sydney that won’t generate the amount of fans and sponsorship that the AFL hopes.

Let’s hope the AFL can fix these problems before we lose our great game and people become disinterested, and maybe move a team to Tassie, where the people of Tassie will love their club and always bring crowds to the footy, that will truly expand the game.

Bright Future for the Blues

April 6th 2008 07:47

Its only round 2

April 4th 2008 04:22
It’s only the start of round 3 tonight, but we can already make a few predictions, or can we? The predictions can be that Geelong will win the premiership again, Hawthorn will be a contender with St Kilda, Melbourne will lose every game for the season, Carlton won’t be any good again and Richmond will beat some sides and loose most. However everyone just calm down. It’s only round 2 and everyone can still make the finals.
Think back to 2004. Geelong had been flogged in its opening two rounds and the media wanted to rip the joint down. Well they ended up playing in the preliminary final and were unlucky to be beaten by Brisbane by a mere 9 points. Compare that with 2006 and Geelong won its first 2 games by over 10 goals each and were premiership favourites and didn’t make the 8.
While Melbourne is in a fair bit of trouble at the moment, they head down to Skilled Stadium this week. It will take a brave Melbourne supporter to go down the highway to watch the Dees this week however Melbourne has nothing to lose. They are out to $34 just for the win with some betting agencies and everyone expects them to get one of the biggest defeats in AFL history. They may just decide to play their own game and not worry about pride and just play footy. If Melbourne can somehow pull off an amazing victory then they will grow so much confidence and who knows what they will do with some confidence. They could do what Geelong did last year after beating Richmond

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Can anyone beat Geelong? That is the burning question after the reining premiers dismantled the baby bombers. In two and half hours the cats showed why they are the ones to beat with an awesome display of scintillating run out of defence, forward pressure and dominating clearances. The cats simply looked unstoppable.
The reining premiers started off the match with a perfect set play from a stoppage resulting in a Steve Johnson goal. The bombers looked quick though with dash out of defence and the younger players looked like they were going to give the cats a scare early in the first quarter. Bachar Houli levelled the scores with an impressive goal from 45 metres in the fourth minute but from then on the cats took control. At quarter time the cats led by 22 points.
The first 3 minutes of the second quarter was simply awesome football by Geelong. They kicked three goals without the bombers getting a hand to the ball. The game was then blown out and the bombers had no chance of recovering. Some Geelong supporters believed that was the best quarter of football they had ever seen and even some bomber fans applauded this superior Geelong outfit

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